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Courtesan Academy List of Services

Courtesan Academy Master Classes

Learning how to become a successful independent business woman is something most women aspire to do. The Courtesan Academy offers courses for a fee per class. We have debated on the cost of the individual courses and feel offering an a la carte option is the best investment of our time and your resources. 

Individual Courses $80 Per Course

Web Development & Design

One of the most important assets someone in the entertainment business can have is a professional website. Everyone has different needs when it comes to their media. Whether you're looking for something slick or something classic we can and will build you the website you need to meet your goals. 

What type of web development do you need? 

A Reintroduction

If you're already an established adult entertainer and merely want to have your website revamped with new ad copy as well as a logo and banner that match your new website this may be the option for you. This includes vanity email set up as well as domain transfer or registration if applicable.


A Debutante

You need the works. This is what I call a complete personal branding design. We will design you a website that reflects who you are as a companion and discuss with you various aspects of branding to ensure you're not wasting your money on something that will not give a cohesive view of your business overall. This includes vanity email set up as well as domain transfer or registration if applicable.


Online Marketing & Advertising

Online marketing for many is time consuming and confusing. Where do you advertise? How often should you be posting? What types of things can you say or not say in your ad? With the Courtesan Academy you receive online marketing and advertising from someone who really does know the business inside and out. From which sites to advertise on to what works in securing bookings this is a service that most adult entertainers loathe but one that we excel at here at the Courtesan Academy.

Weekly ad writing & posting on up to three major ad venues $80 per hour

Blogging, newsletter writing, ad writing, and email creation billed at $80 per hour

Social Media Advertising

The Courtesan Academy has several social media accounts. 

Twitter: @CourtesanAcadmy 202.3K followers | @RaeMonroeVIP 13.4K followers

Instagram: @CourtesanAcademy 1.8K followers

Snapchat: @courtesanacadmy 1K followers

We do offer social media advertising on our accounts. For a shout out on any of our accounts please contact us directly for rates. 

Business Registration

Adult Entertainment is a business and we want to make sure that you're building your business profile while making a profit. We will help guide you through the process of registering for your own business and legitimizing yourself to take advantage of your new career in adult entertainment. If your goals include purchasing a home or vehicle some day you must have a legitimate income to show to obtain these things.

Let us help guide you through your online business registration & obtaining your FEIN (tax ID) 


Social Media Management

In today's social world we are all sharing so much of our lives with social media. Social media is a powerful advertising tool if used correctly with the right management. The Courtesan Academy can help you create and cultivate a following on your social media profiles that will expose you to a broad audience of individuals who may not even know they need your services, but once they find you they will. Social media branding and personal branding is something that our Headmistress does as a legitimate business. Because of this she has access to programs that cost hundreds of dollars she utilizes to ensure her clientele are noticed by those who are already looking for them.

Initial set up $100 

Social Media Management

1 account $50 weekly (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr)

up to 3 accounts $100 weekly (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine)

Social Media Tutoring 

Are you already established in social media and want to continue to utilize your own, but you're stuck on how to grow your following and reach out to more potential clients? We offer training sessions for individuals who are seriously interested in leveraging their social media to make it work for them in business. Make your time count online as much as possible. 

Social Media Tutoring $80 per hour

Domain & Vanity Email Setup

The Courtesan Academy will set up your domain as well as your vanity email to ensure your business is as professional and streamlined as possible. 

Included with every website design.


The Courtesan Academy will be partnering with photographers in several major cities. By enrolling with the Courtesan Academy you will have the opportunity to have access to photographers with outstanding attitudes, portfolios, and at a slight reduction of their normal rates. A list of our participating photographers is only available to students of the Courtesan Academy and is not available on an a la carte basis unless you are a current client of the Courtesan Academy. 

Unfortunately access to our partnering photographers is only available to students of the Courtesan Academy.