Welcome to the courtesan academy

The Courtesan Academy is unlike any school you've ever heard of. The primary goal of the Academy is to empower women and men who are interested in adult entertainment to succeed in their chosen profession. We aim to give them the tools necessary to have a business that will garner them the financial freedom other traditional careers have not.

The Courtesan Academy does not discriminate against anyone who wants to enroll in our services. We are open to all types of students whether you are male, female, trans, disabled, or otherwise. Our goal is to empower you to take your business to the next level and achieve financial freedom. We want you to have a lifestyle aimed toward achieving your most ardent goals.

The Courtesan Academy is an intensive course designed to adequately provide the type of learning necessary for our students to become successful independent business owners. Our courses are offered on an ale-carte basis for those who wish to learn at their own pace.

We all understand that time is valuable but so is experience. With the 20+ years of accrued experience between our two senior advisors there should not be an answer for a question we cannot give you nor a realistic understanding of what it means to become an independent business woman or man. We do hope you choose to become a student of the Courtesan Academy and soak up the knowledge we are so eager to impart to you. 


Financial freedom is this close

Financial Freedom is something every working person strives to have. It is the reason we get educated, leave home and go to work every day. However, today's economy does not give many the financial freedom they believe they'll be getting if they do everything the right way. Between student loan debt and the cost of living having a good lifestyle on one income is very hard to do. Positive personal development and business direction is imperative when beginning a new career. With the tutoring of our headmistress our students are given every tool necessary to succeed in their chosen field.

money shot.png

less stress - more money

Money does not grow on trees, but for those in the industry willing to work they can take advantage of the opportunity that they're being given and go and get some. 

Those who have money do not understand the stress of not having money. Though money cannot buy happiness what it can do is give you the peace of mind you need to become a success small business owner. Whether your goal is to work for a short period of time or make this a lucrative side career the opportunity is there for you.